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Your Perfect Optoelectronic
Components Supplier

Lenoo Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in early 1987 to produce a wide range of LED and related products. Over the years, we have provided both local and international markets with high quality products and efficient customer service, while maintaining a highly competitive price.


Our production facilities cater for the manufacture of an extensive range of mainstream and specialized LED and related products. We therefore welcome your order for any product, including specialized or custom made designs. Our mainstream products are as follows : indicator lamps, super bright white LED lamps, single, dual and multi digit displays, single, dual and tri-color dot matrix displays, LED lamp arrays, infrared LED, photo transistors, photo diodes, light interrupter, SMD LED and high power LED.


In the same way that optoelectronic technology has developed, we have also developed our company mission to provide greater customer value and satisfaction. As a manufacturer, we are in the position to care for your interests all the way through : from the initial point of inquiry, to ordering ( including custom designs ), manufacture, packaging, prompt delivery, and after sales care.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us, We look forward to talking to you, or you can visit our website for more updated information at


Regarding this catalogue
This edition only includes our most representative products. Please remember that we welcome specialized and custom made orders.